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Kaitlin Bachman

Lead Bartender

Kaitlin Bachman was born and raised in Austin so it's no surprise she's a real Wild Child. Or unicorn. Whatever you guys call it these days. After graduating culinary school she started building her craft with various local companies and Austin staples and thus has plenty of stories to pass along about how weird this little 'ol city can be. Whether it be chatting with someone she just met, or with her oldest friend, her charm and wit are a force to be reckoned with. On her days off you can find her at the Greenbelt with her pup, Pebbles (AKA Little Rocks AKA the best damn dog around) enjoying the sun, or on a shaded patio sipping whiskey to wind down. Travel, adventure, and never turning down dares is how she lives her life and encourages those around her to do so as well. As she slides you over your next cold one it'll begin to feel like you've been talking to an old friend all night with this lady! And she'll be sure to remind you a beer is nothing without shot to accompany it, don't be a baby.